Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ons het 'n brief van die "Case Officer" gekry

Ons het gister 'n brief van ons "Case Officer" (CO) gekry wat vra dat ons hom in kennis stel van ons oorsese reisplanne. Dit lui as volg:

Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Level 4, 55 Currie Street Adelaide SA 5000
GPO Box 1638 ADELAIDE SA 5001 • Telephone 131 881 • Facsimile (08) 8237 6629 • Website:
File Reference:
ICSE Request ID:
Case Officer:
............. – ASPC R5

Primary Applicant: ....................................
Application Type: Class BN Subclass 136 Skilled – Independent

I refer to this application for a Class BN, subclass 136 Skilled – Independent visa, received on 11th January 2007.

I am writing to advise that this application for migration to Australia is nearing completion.
A decision as to whether or not visas will be granted for travel to Australia will be made once all of
the requirements listed in this letter have been addressed satisfactorily.
The information in this letter applies to the following:
• ................................
• ................................
• ................................
• ................................

Initial Entry Date
If all requirements are met and visas are granted, all applicants will be required to make at least an
initial entry to Australia on these visas by no later than – 18th April 2008.
The initial entry date attached to a granted visa cannot be extended once the application is finalised and
a visa may be cancelled where a visa holder does not satisfy this requirement.
Requirement to depart Australia
Every person, included in, and intending to migrate to Australia as part of this application must be
outside of Australia, at the same time, to enable a decision to grant visas to occur.
Those applicants who are currently in Australia must now provide details of their travel itinerary
including the date of departure from Australia, at least a week in advance of their departure.

Departure and itinerary details including flight number, destination, date and time of departure should be e-mailed
to –
Applicants who are not planning to leave Australia for some time should still advise this office of their departure plans by the date specified below. An itinerary should be provided once travel plans are finalised. Please note that failure to provide adequate notice of departing Australia may result in delays in finalising the application.

At least 3 working days, after departure from Australia, must be allowed before approaching
the overseas mission to have visas evidenced, to allow time for the electronic transfer of visa data to that mission to occur.

It may then take at least a further 5 working days for the full evidencing process to be finalised,
depending on the processing priorities at the overseas mission. If applicants are unable to go to the Australian overseas mission in person, they should check with the mission for other arrangements.

If this office has already been provided with the travel itinerary and advice of the Australian
overseas mission for evidencing of the visas, then there will be no further communication from this office until after the visas have been granted. When approaching the overseas mission, please take a copy of this letter for verification. If travel plans are altered, this office must be immediately advised of the changes.

Arrangements for visa evidencing
As any visas granted will be linked to the passport information held by this office, applicants need to have provided current valid passport information to the department prior to this application being finalised.
Please advise this office which Australian overseas mission will be used for evidencing of any visa grants into passports.
A list of Australian overseas missions is available at the Department’s website. Please note that not all Australian missions overseas have visa evidencing facilities. If unable to attend an Australian overseas mission in person, applicants should check with the mission for other arrangements.

Contact details for Australian overseas missions are also available from the Department’s website .
If a material change occurs in an applicant’s circumstances after visas have been granted but before arrival in Australia this office must be informed immediately that a change has occurred. Failure to do so could result in a visa holder being refused entry to Australia.

Note: At time of writing, this application has not been finalised and visas have not been granted.
Applicants are cautioned not to give up a job, dispose of property, or make other
arrangements, until notified that the application has been approved and visas granted.

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